Based out of Aalesund, Nordi is seeking to harness innovative aquaculture technology to establish a sustainable seaweed farming industry in Norway. With concessions for both offshore and onshore cultivation, we aim to take super nutritious, premium Norwegian sea greens out to a truly global market.


Seaweed is chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber - a tasty delicacy. In the Nordic countries kelp has been used as food since Viking times. Norway has Europe's largest population of seaweed or kelp, or macro-algae as it is called. Approximately 10,000 square kilometers of the Norwegian coast are overgrown with seaweed and kelp.



times more productive than
the most intensive land-based
agricultural systems.



of 4.5 Billion people in asia
have Seaweed in their
daily diet.



different types of seaweed in 

Norwegian marina areas.


The way North is the way

Nordi means ‘to the North and in the North’ a simple phrase that captures the essence of our mission:

To take our thinking and expertise to the crystal clear coastal seas of northern Norway where we can cultivate and harvest fresh, nutrient-rich sea greens

That vision of developing a customer-focused culture for a re-envisaged Norwegian seaweed aquaculture sector underpins all our efforts to bring high quality Norwegian sea greens to consumers worldwide.


Sea rich, sea green, seaweed

By working with scientists on dedicated sea trials and product research across the globe, we’ve secured the know-how to cultivate different species for international markets. Organic and nutritious, our premium sea greens are now available in a range of products designed to appeal to all tastes, traditions and tables.

This is the Nordi way:
Travelling North and further still;
from the North and greener still.


A deep harvest dancing green

Nordi has a unique opportunity to revolutionise algae farming (seaweed and kelp) along the northwest coast of Norway – with over 400 acres of offshore farms already strategically located in the region. Indeed, with several seafood innovation clusters now co-located (including NCE Blue Legasea and Campus Ålesund), this region has all the strategic infrastructure and expertise needed to support the seafood cultivation, processing and export markets.



We aim to drive forward a new era of sustainable seaweed farming focused on nutrient-rich Nordic species, while working at the forefront of a global movement to protect our oceans, ensure long-term food security and create new jobs and opportunities in Norway. Across all our activities – local, global and environmental – we are now seeking partners who share our vision.

Wealth from Norwegian seas

In a region with invaluable coastal ecosystems and marine resources, and a rich tradition of marine and maritime value creation, our innovative business seeks to address the sustainable use of ecosystem resources. Currently we are looking for partners, either Norwegian companies or organisations, that would like to jointly invest with us to setup a sustainable multi-trophic aquaculture industry in Norway.

Savouring a taste of Norway

Our aim is to develop a distinctive, green, long-term brand that will promote the Norwegian seaweed farming industry to local markets as well as to international markets in Asia, Europe and rest of the world. In this respect, we are looking for brand advocates to help support our brand development strategy. Partners that can help to build awareness and drive marketing and sales to support our natural, nutrient-rich food products from the cold, crystal clear northern Norwegian seas.

A crystal clear Northern ocean

At Nordi, we’re seeking to partner with like-minded individuals or organisations to ensure we can better contribute to the understanding of marine ecosystems – a pre-requisite for sustainable management and resource use in a society that has been shaped by its oceans. If you would like to partner or co-work with us, then we would love to hear from you. Together we can help make things better.
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